Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Seattle.
Specializing in divorce, parental rights, custody and asset protection. (206) 623-5133 space needle
  • 19+ Years Experience
    With over 19 years experience and 1300+ clients, we have the experience and expertise your case needs.
  • We're Passionate
    We practice family law because we believe we make a real difference in our clients' lives.
  • We Make Complex, Understandable
    We translate legal jargon into something everyone can easily understand.
  • We Protect Your Rights
    We work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients and their families.
  • We Keep Costs Down
    We work quickly and efficiently to keep our services affordable. We offer both flat-rate and sliding scale options.
  • We're Focused
    We ONLY practice family law, which means we have vast experience in all family matters.
  • We're Fast
    We get many distressed clients who have a hearing fast approaching. The 11th hour is when we shine.
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About Our Family Law Team

Dancey & Cassady is a full-service family law firm located in the heart of Seattle, WA and serving the divorce and family law needs of all Washingtonians.

With 19+ years experience and over 1300 clients, we take a tailored approach to each of our clients and pride ourselves on guiding individuals and families safely through divorce, custody, alimony and other complex family legal matters. We will be by your side, every step of the way.

We Guard Your Rights

As family law attorneys, we are guardians of our your family, your rights and your assets. We understand that divorce and other family legal matters can create stress and financial burden. We help our clients "emerge" from family legal matters looking forward to a bright, positive future.

Everyone Deserves A Tailored Approach

Every person's situation is unique and each of our clients receive a tailored approach. We work closely with our clients, communicating every step of the process, to ensure their interests are protected and their rights remain intact.

Whether it's a divorce, matters of parental rights or asset/debt division, we guide you through with strong legal representation and a caring approach.

We skillfully represent clients in the Greater Seattle Area and every county of Washington State.

A Family Law Firm

Law Offices of Dancey & Cassady, L.L.P.
The Colman Building - Suite 100
811 First Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98104

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Areas of Practice

The following represent a handful of the areas in which we specialize...

  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Custody Disputes
  • Paternity Matters
  • Parental Rights
  • Modification of Custody, Support and Maintenance
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Asset, Property & Debt Division
  • Meretricious Relationships
  • Relocation
  • Dependency/CPS Cases
  • Collaborative Law
  • Protection & Restraining Orders
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Administrative DCS Hearing
  • Appeals
  • Mediation/Settlement Conferences
  • Guardian Ad Litem